Camino de la Costa 08: From Bolibar to Gernika (19.4 km)

September 14, 2018: We saw another sign of life from Katrin in the monastery, did not understand the purpose of the ox arena, met the mystic giggling Korean again, defeated our desire to kill Stijn, and yet we were able to end the evening on the terrace of the hostel with a nice evening with…

Camino de la Costa 04: From Ulia to Orio (18 km)

September 10, 2018. there was a rude awakening and the need for a self-performed outpatient procedure, followed by the best breakfast of the Camino and Trail Magic with a nice – together with Katrin – walked stage.

Camino de la Costa 03: From Irun to Ulia (24 km)

September 9, 2018: On the first few metres of the stage, alcoholic poisoned corpses paved our way. We met a couple of super heroes on the mountain Jaizkibel, Pasaia was “pretty in pink” and the Camino took its first toll.

Camino de la Costa 02: Journey to Irun

September 8, 2018. Over 1000 kilometers across France. Instead of owls to Athens we involuntarily carried a baguette to Paris. The French police recognized and accepted us as pilgrims right from the start.